Town of Westport

Regular Office Hours:

Fridays 7:30am-Noon

Kennedy Administration Building
5387 Mary Lake Road
Waunakee, WI 53597
Phone: (608) 849-4372 Fax: (608) 849-9657

The office will be closed if Waunakee Schools are closed due to road conditions.

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News and Announcements


The Westport Administrative Offices are CLOSED due to COVID-19 Pandemic. Please call 608/849-4372 or email for assistance. Stay home...stay safe!!

As a reminder, the refuse and recycling dumpsters at the Town of Westport complex are for Town office and public works use only. They are not for public use.

Town of Westport Mary Lake Neighborhood Road Construction 2020 Updates June 1, 2020 update

Town of Westport 2020 Additional Roads May 27, 2020

Dane County Sheriff Media Release Boat Safety 05-22-20

Town of Westport Emergency Order 20-01 Emergency Order 20-01 - Certain Construction Activity During COVID-19

Measures being taken at Town of Westport regarding COVID-19 COVID-19 Update #11 May 19, 2020

Open Burning in the Town of Westport is restricted and regulated by the Town Code of Ordinances. A brief summary can be viewed here

Trusted local doctor Bill Ranum with a letter to the public containing an important message linked here. Please take some time to read and follow sage advice. Letter

North East Community Court is postponed until June 18, 2020. We apologize for the inconvenience. Any questions please call the Clerk of Courts 608-825-3119

Any resident who will be leaving town for any extended period of time and would like periodic checks on their property, may contact the Dane County Sheriff's Office at 608-255-2345.

When reporting alarms or lift station outages, residents are asked to please contact 608-849-4372.

If you are doing any grading, digging or topography changes near a pond, lake or stream, please contact the Town of Westport or Dane County Land and Water Resources to see if there are special permits that might be required. This will help avoid fees and penalties for not following proper procedures.

Town of Westport Historic Resources Survey

Dane County Storm Drain Mural Tour

Dane County Bike Routes

Dane County Bicycle Map

Be Salt Wise