Town of Westport

Regular Office Hours:

Fridays 7:30am-Noon

Kennedy Administration Building
5387 Mary Lake Road
Waunakee, WI 53597
Phone: (608) 849-4372 Fax: (608) 849-9657

The office will be closed if Waunakee Schools are closed due to road conditions.

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Table of Contents

Title 1 General Provisions

Title 1 Chapter 1Use and Construction
Title 1 Chapter 2Issuance of Citations

Title 2 Government and Administration

Title 2 Chapter 1General Provisions and Elections
Title 2 Chapter 2Town Meetings
Title 2 Chapter 3Town Board
Title 2 Chapter 4Town Officers and Employees
Title 2 Chapter 5Boards, Commissions and Committees
Title 2 Chapter 6Ethics Code
Title 2 Chapter 7Finance
Title 2 Chapter 8Special Assessments
Title 2 Chapter 9Public Records
Title 2 Chapter 10Review of Administrative Determinations
Title 2 Chapter 11Municipal Court

Title 3 Public Safety

Title 3 Chapter 1Fire Prevention
Title 3 Chapter 2Fire Prevention and Safety Codes
Title 3 Chapter 3Hazardous Materials
Title 3 Chapter 4Disposal of Surplus Property
Title 3 Chapter 5Illicit Discharge Control
Title 3 Chapter 6Snow and Ice Removal

Title 4 Public Works

Title 4 Chapter 1Public Works
Title 4 Chapter 2Laying Out and Construction of Town Highways and Roads
Title 4 Chapter 3Road Excavations; Trees
Title 4 Chapter 4Driveways; Culverts
Title 4 Chapter 5Regulation of Parks and Navigable Waters

Title 5 Public Utilities

Title 5 Chapter 1Sewer Use
Title 5 Chapter 2Cable Television
Title 5 Chapter 3Reserved for Future Use
Title 5 Chapter 4Water Use
Title 5 Chapter 5Well Abandonment
Title 5 Chapter 6Well Head Protection
Title 5 Chapter 7Fire Protection Utility District

Title 6 Health and Sanitation

Title 6 Chapter 1Refuse Disposal; Recycling
Title 6 Chapter 2Health and Sanitation
Title 6 Chapter 3Holding Tanks

Title 7 Licensing and Regulation

Title 7 Chapter 1Licensing of Dogs and Regulations of Animals
Title 7 Chapter 2Fermented malt Beverages and Intoxicating Liquor
Title 7 Chapter 3Cigarette Licenses
Title 7 Chapter 4Direct Sellers
Title 7 Chapter 5Mobile Homes
Title 7 Chapter 6Regulation and Licensing of Fireworks
Title 7 Chapter 7Amusement Devices
Title 7 Chapter 8Street Use Permits
Title 7 Chapter 9Regulation of Large Assemblies of Persons
Title 7 Chapter 10Licenses to Pay Local Claims; Appellate Procedures
Title 7 Chapter 11Regulation and Licensing of Short-Term Rentals
Title 7 Chapter 12Collection of Tax on Overnight Lodging

Title 8 Motor Vehicles and Traffic

Title 8 Chapter 1 Traffic and Parking
Title 8 Chapter 2Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEV)
Title 8 Chapter 3Agricultural Commercial Vehicles and Implements of Husbandry

Title 9 Offenses and Nuisances

Title 9 Chapter 1State Statutes Adopted
Title 9 Chapter 2Offenses Against Public Safety and Peace
Title 9 Chapter 3Offenses Against Property
Title 9 Chapter 4Offenses Involving Alcoholic Beverages
Title 9 Chapter 5Offenses by Juveniles
Title 9 Chapter 6Public Nuisances
Title 9 Chapter 7Exterior Lighting

Title 10 Land Use Regulations

Title 10 Chapter 1Building, Plumbing, Electrical and Heating and Ventilation Codes
Title 10 Chapter 2Land Division and Subdivision Code
Title 10 Chapter 3Mobile Homes
Title 10 Chapter 4Erosion and Stormwater Runoff Control
Title 10 Chapter 5Minimum Housing Code
Title 10 Chapter 6Commercial Exterior Maintenance Code
Title 10 Chapter 7Historic Preservation
Title 10 Chapter 8Forestry Management
Title 10 Chapter 9Zoning Code